The Sales Development Process You Need

From filling the gaps in your existing sales operation to handling the entire process, we have the experience to handle all of your sales needs.

We can help you overcome common sales problems that are holding back growth:

Top Line Systems can help you identify, qualify, nurture and close more sales.

  • Immediate outbound selling to new prospects

  • Constant follow-up and nurturing of developed pipeline

  • Hand-off of qualified leads to your field sales team

  • Document, manage and report prospect data

  • Help you create an effective sales process from cold call to close

  • Understand the sales metrics that matter

  • Ability to tackle a range of outbound sales needs

We Know Your Process and Speak Your Language

Our specialized sales growth services are designed specifically for small to mid-sized industrial, technical, and manufacturing companies.

We have successfully introduced our clients to national and international companies, including:

• Goodrich
• Honeywell
• Siemens Healthcare
• GE Aerospace
• Fairchild Controls
• Rockwell Collins
• Duro-Dyne
• Mack Molding
• TLD Ace
• Perkin Elmer
• Parker Hannifin
• International Enterprises


Manufacturing sales is a core competency for Top Line Systems. We are familiar with the language and the hierarchy of buy-side decision making, as well as a full range of part-making and manufacturing processes.


From raw materials and purchased products, to secondary services and assembly, our team is prepared to deliver the technical confidence that your industrial products and services require.


Whether yours is a professional service or advanced technology that supports business-to-business productivity, our sales staff is prepared to represent your offering with the technical confidence that you know is required.

Oftentimes, the sales process is long and requires nurturing and multiple contact over many months. Our process covers that long, tedious process with increasing need discovery; bringing buy-side intelligence and deal close support as a by-product. Learn more about our areas of expertise…