A Continuum of Sales Support

Providing the skills, experience, and support you need to grow.

Customized prospect list generation

Prospect qualification

Buying influence identification

Product/service purchase confirmation

RFQ generation

Competition identification

Target price discovery

Quote follow-up

Deal coaching and/or close

Establishing and performing sales analysis

Developing growth projections

Improving existing market penetration

Penetrating new markets

Conducting sales activities for you

Strengthening accountability with reporting

Sales strategy guidance/support

Supporting/mentoring existing sales team

Reporting on Process Ensures Success

With reporting comes accountability, which is why it is critical that you understand which metrics really matter. The data that you capture should be based on your strategy and goals; therefore, the data fields in your customer relationship management (CRM) must be company and industry specific.

The charts below are from Salesforce, a popular CRM for business.

Lead Status

As leads are moved through the sales process, most drop out as disqualified.  Knowing who is not interested in your product or service can be as important as knowing who is.  This graphic is a summary of the disposition process.

Lead Status

Disqualification Reason

Once you know that someone is not interested in your service or product, the sales process can reveal why.  This shows  the reason for the lead’s lack of interest, which can also be their lack of compliance with the way that you choose to offer  your product or service.

Disqualified Leads

Closed-Won Opportunity Value

Although only a small part of the sales process, these are the metrics that companies care most about. There are typically two values to a closed opportunity; the actual value of the purchase order placed and the value of the customer in recurring business.

Closed-Won Opportunity Value Chart - Top Line Systems RI

Just the Beginning

These steps represent a small sampling of the results you can expect from Top Line Systems.

Every company has specific needs and goals, we look forward to discuss what is important in your sales process.