Defining Sales Success

For Manufacturing, Technical, and Industrial Businesses

Without a sales process, staff members are continually scrambling from task to task putting all efforts into closing one or two prospects.  In addition, during the hustle to close new business, opportunities to generate  business from existing customers are often missed.

Once a deal is closed, employees typically go back to their leads to try and pick up where they left off.  Many of these leads will have already been closed by a competitor due to the extended lack of meaningful contact.

Is Your Sales Process Working?

Most companies never ask this question or they do not know how to interpret their data to figure out if they are truly reaching goals.

A successful sales process must be customized to specific organizational goals, which may include:

  • Growing in specific markets
  • Diversifying into other markets
  • Expanding further into one area of a specific market

Professional Sales Staff

Regardless of company size and resources, success depends on experienced professionals with:

  • A thorough knowledge of sales process
  • The ability to follow through during long lead times
  • The analytical skills to determine  what is working as well as recognize opportunities

An Understanding of Sales Skills Is Needed

Our white paper, A Continuum of Sales Support, will help you understand the skills and experience your sales staff must have.  Register above to download this paper to learn how to understand the skills that are needed to make the right hiring decisions.